OpenBSD is a very secure, stable and reliable operating system (OS) and has the proud standing of only ever having two remote holes in the default installation in over 15 years. To put this more clearly, there has only been two cases where a remote user could breach or obtain access to the system.

M:Tier specialise in all things OpenBSD and have a considerable number of man years experience both in development and contribution to the OpenBSD project.

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OpenBSD Desktop

Many desktops are left vulnerable to viruses and malware infections costing businesses around the world billions of dollars each year. With OpenBSD as a desktop your users are secure against all this productivity impairment. Thanks to the GNOME desktop environment we provide an even bigger boost to your productivity.


Thin Client

Originally developed on OpenBSD but it can run on any modern UNIX-like operating system with Python and the GTK-bindings for Python installed.

On the basis that the thin client was designed with space restrictions in mind the set of applications may be small, but nevertheless it provides for the tasks that a modern thin client should be expected to address.

The applications incorporated within the client are Google Chrome, OpenNX and Remmina. All of which is in addition to all the base utitilies provided by OpenBSD such as OpenSSH and FTP.

Using these applications a user can log into any remote system using SSH, NX, VNC, RDP. In a forthcoming release of the thin client OpenBSD 5.3 and SPICE will be supported too.


OpenBSD as Groupware Server

The Zarafa Collaboration Platform is an open source e-mail and colloboration software suite which allows one run a secure and trusted groupware server on OpenBSD.



Unquestionably the most secure operating system in the world today


GNOME based windows desktop with OpenBSD keeping things stable and secure