Excellence in Training

Several of our Consultants are certified Trainers and we offer various levels of training for many of the popular open source (or enterprise-based) applications such as Puppet. Additionally we can provide tailored training courses on OpenBSD or even just certain aspects of it.


Puppet training is available at two levels - Puppet Fundamentals and Puppet Advanced


This training course replaces the former Puppet Master course. The course aim is to teach students a best practice approach to managing their infrastructure using Puppet IT automation software. The course focusses on:

    • Modules & Classes
    • Puppet Agent & Puppet Master
    • Reporting
    • Language and Templates
    • Defined Resource Types
    • Puppet Forge
    • Troubleshooting & Best Practices
    • Live Management


This training course is aimed at Senior System Administrators and Developers who are planning to implement Puppet IT automation software into complex environments and are seeking to optimise for large scale deployments. The course focusses on:

    • Puppet Beyond the Fundamentals
    • More advanced Modules & Classes
    • Separating Data from Code
    • Reporting & Auditing
    • Mcollective
    • Optimising and scaling Puppet
    • Code Compression and Best Practicies


M:Tier provides various training courses in each of the OpenBSD projects which we support. We provide this service via our own in-house experts who not only can deliver the training courses but are experts in all course content provided.

All participants in our training courses are provided with a through grounding in all aspects of the software package(s) under instruction. This is reinforced by working through true to life practical exercises.

All courses are module based thereby enabling each student to progress at their own pace when ready and provide the flexiblity to tailor the course material to the individual student's needs.

M:Tier can provide instruction leading to a Certified OpenBSD Administrator qualification.

In addition to the core OpenBSD training programme M:Tier can provide various training courses on each of the applications comprising a typical desktop software stack. The courses comprise tuition in:

  • A variety of email clients - Zarafa, Dovecot, OpenSMTP, Sendmail or Postfix
  • Mail filtering
  • Anti-spam
  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • and much more

Lastly, M:Tier can provide tailored training on various specific infrastructure or hardware components.

If you are interested to learn more or to discuss a particular requirement then please feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion.