The desktop user interface (UI) is sourced from GNOME. GNOME desktop is an industry standard desktop.

GNOME provides a simple desktop and does not fall short in any features used to improve productivity and available on commercially sourced desktop platforms.

Feature rich desktop providing a breadth of applications for many common tasks such as:

  • Web browser (Chromium, Firefox, Opera)
  • Multimedia (rhythmbox, banshee, totem, etc.)
  • Note taking (gnote)
  • Photo management (shotwell, gimp, simple-scan)
  • Office solution (libreoffice)
  • Evolution Groupware client
  • Graphics editor (Inkscape)
  • and much more

The office suite supplied with the BSD Desktop is the critically acclaimed and most widely used open source suite called LibreOffice. This ensures compatibility with other leading office suites such as Microsoft Office.

BSD Desktop is a cost effective enterprise solution as there are no expensive licenses or yearly subscription fees to worry about. Only the installation and future support are chargeable which provides a cost effective and transparant financial picture and good for the bottom line.

Maintained by developers of both OpenBSD and GNOME who have an intimate understanding of both projects. This also facilitates code to flow freely between the projects resulting in a more coherent result in the end.