M:Tier Cloud Support

Computing in general has become synonymous with the Cloud. However recent international developments have forced companies to rethink their respective Cloud strategies. One of the key decisions to make would be to answer the fundamental question of: should I opt for a private cloud, a public cloud or perhaps settle for a hybrid cloud?

These are all key questions our experts would be happy to assist you in answering and thereby provide a degree of steerage and governance which may otherwise may be missing.

Managing the Cloud with Puppet has never been so easy, whether it's raw KVM computing, or managing your entire OpenStack or even deploying to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Para-virtualisation comes in many shapes and sizes, however combining the power of Puppet with the ease of use and stability of KVM provides the best of both worlds. Raw KVM or oVirt, Puppet is the deployment tool of choice.



When running your own cloud you typically know what you are likely to need to ensure ease of use and deployment. Put simply, tools which perform their task with minimal effort. That is what makes managing OpenStack with Puppet so great.

Using the Puppet OpenStack modules, System Administrators can automate and manage the entire lifecycle of their OpenStack infrastructure. The following lists some of the many useful features:

  • Provisioning of OpenStack instances
  • Configuration management
  • Application deployment and configuration
  • Configuration auditing for security and compliance

Amazon Web Services

Whether you're new to the Cloud or if your bussiness has switched to the Cloud some time ago, chances are you've deployed to the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We have recently seen Puppet deploying to the Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and has become just another part of your Puppet configuration management cycle. Thanks to Puppet you can integrate EC2 nodes seemlessly into your infrastructure.

Grey Cloud


The concept of the Cloud is terrific however managing tens, hundreds or even thousands of machines by hand is not feasible or practical. Our solution is to combine the power of virtualisation and the Cloud with Puppet thereby resulting in unparalleled ease of use, manageability and immense power


A dynamic and fully-pluggable discovery service that allows you to take advantage of any data source or real-time query results to quickly locate, identify and group Cloud nodes


Automatically provision and configure bare metal, virtual, and private or public Cloud capacity


Declarative and model-based approach automates repetitive tasks and eliminates configuration drift