Complete System Design & Planning Service

Our Architect's specialise in designing various infrastructure solutions ranging from secure firewalls to a complete front-office and back-office environment built around Linux, OpenBSD and am open source software stack.

Planning is central to any new initiative or project in order to control budget, resources and dependencies. M:Tier has professionally qualified project managers (PMP, Agile Scrum, Prince2) experienced at planning complex infrastructure projects.

M:Tier possess extensive experience in both system and infrastructure design ranging from large scale systems incorporating high availability to a global network solution for clients with offices in more then 100 countries.

We are able to combine our wider expertise in various backup solutions (e.g. Bacula) and systems management solutions (Puppet) to deliver a complete design to implementation service. In situations where there is a requirement for a global VPN or an enterprise scaleable firewall we are able to provide and deliver appropriate designs to meet these demanding needs. In the case of Puppet we are currently working with Puppet to design the integration with Gitlab and Jenkins.

In addition to the general mainstream OpenBSD based requirements M:Tier has developed considerable expertise in delivering export compliant software solutions for use in both highly restricted and embargoed countries. Moreover, M:Tier has over 5 years experience in this area and have delivered a complete desktop solution for several leading Oil & Gas customers as well as those whose interests are in global shipping logistics and pharmaceuticals.

In summary, there is very little that the team at M:Tier are not able to assist with or have had prior experience of. For this reason, M:Tier should be your strategic partner of choice from the initial blue print to a complete integration strategy.


Planning Team

Our Service

Working with the client to distill from them the concept and deliverable to ensure that we design and augment something which is aligned to that original vision


From a high level sketch to a more formal approach that introduces rigour into the process we will develop a project proposal and work with the client to ensure we have properly understood the requirement before we commit


Building a test rig to put the theory into practice and to make refinements before committing to the final design


All of our solutions are bench tested and documented before handing over to the client whereupon it will be re-tested in an acceptance testing environment before being released to production


Tailored training to ensure the client's own IT organisation are able to run and maintain the final product


Development of an implementation and rollout plan that adheres to the clients process and procedures to ensure no interruption to operational services


A total care package should the client require it to ensure what we have developed and deployed continues to run smoothly and provides ongoing stable and reliable operations