Automation Made Easy

Automating routine and repetitive tasks can be both frustrating, time consuming and often Operating System (OS) dependent. Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software which gives administrators the power to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications and pro-actively manage infrastructure on site or in the Cloud.

Time now to plan ahead for your next round of configuration updates and application upgrades. Take the intelligent route and master your own with Puppet Enterprise.

Puppet Enterprise aims to put you back in control and takes the fear of switching that server off just because you don’t know what’s on it.

 Multiple OS’s in a heterogeneous environment can be managed simultaneously to ensure you can continue to provide your organisation a stable and reliable operating environment. Relax in the knowledge that once you have Puppet Enterprise installed and configured you will always be in control of what you have today and what you need tomorrow.

Our service offering

M:Tier is able to assist with all aspects of your Puppet nstallation. Our professionally trained team can provide the following services:

  • consultancy
  • development of a Puppet modules
  • provision of certified modules
  • integration planning and implementation
  • deployment and training
  • general support

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Puppet Enterprise has many unique features to put you in control of your environment


A dynamic and fully-pluggable discovery service that allows you to take advantage of any data source or real-time query results to quickly locate, identify and group cloud nodes


Automatically provision and configure bare metal, virtual, and private or public cloud capacity


Declarative and model-based approach automates repetitive tasks and eliminates configuration drift


Quickly deploy critical updates, security patches across hundreds of servers in seconds


Complete visibility of your infrastructure and view reports that help you manage your configuration through node hardware and software inventory reporting