Network Backup Solution

Bacula® has been designed with both the Open Source Community and the Enterprise in mind.

Where an open source only solution is required then the Community version of Bacula®  is the free network backup software of choice.

Rather than have System Administrators simply “make do” with the standard utilities provided by the Operating System (OS) to manage the backup and recovery cycle - tar, dump or bru - why not give them the Bacula® Community edition?

The community edition provides:

  • Software which is free under GPL v2 License
  • The core Bacula® feature set

For a fully supported solution then Bacula®  Enterprise is the perfect balance of enhanced functionality and keeping software license costs to a minimum.

The Enterprise edition integrates the core features from Bacula community projects into a supported, stable and enterprise-class backup and restore solution. Highlights of this edition include:

  • Universal deduplication
  • Plugins for Microsoft VSS, Bare Metal Recovery, NDMP, VMware, San Shared Storage, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Delta, Incremental Accelerator for NetApp
  • BWeb Management Suite
  • SQL Cataloging
  • Highly secure

Our Service Offering

M:Tier is able to assist with all aspects of your Bacula® installation - no matter how big or small, community or Enterprise. Our professionally trained team can provide the following services:

  • design consultancy
  • development of a back-up strategy
  • configuration
  • deployment and training


bacula logo


Bacula has many key features to put you in control


Supervisory module to manage the backup, restore, verify and archive operations


Facilitates communication between Bacula Director and administrator or end-user


Client agent for handling backup services under the direct control of Bacula Director 


Storage and recovery of file attributes and data to the physical backup media or volumes


Catalog services for the maintenance of file indexes and volume database


Real-time monitoring of Bacula Director, File and Storage daemons