Choosing The Best

There are many thousands of open source solutions in the market but when open source meets business head on then it is vitally important that only the best solutions are selected.

M:Tier has worked closely with several 3rd parties with whom we have forged strategic reselling alliances.

Our Partners

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Bacula Systems

Bacula® has been designed with both the Open Source Community and the Enterprise in mind. Where an open source only solution is required then the Community version of Bacula®  is the free network backup software of choice.


Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc. is an American multi-national software company this is engaged in providing open source software products to the enterprise community.


Kopano Groupware

Kopano is an groupware solution similar to Microsft Exchange Server available on Linux. Kopano is available under the Open Source Licene AGPL free of charge and as an Enterprise version.