Open & scalable groupware

When it comes to sourcing a MAPI compliant, scalable and open groupware software that is a direct replacement for other well known but closed source look no further.

Kopano provides a rich respository of features and levels of integration not available with other open source solutions either in the office or on the move.


Kopano Z-Push provides synchronisation on the move for email, calendars and contacts for a wide range of devices including Blackberry, Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Storage Management

Kopano Archiver is a key component of the Kopano Collaboration Platform and provides a hierarchical storage management (HSM) solution offering

  • Improved messaging and server performance
  • Seamless end user experience through stubbing
  • Decreased use of expensive storage tiers for long term archiving
  • Faster recovery
  • Flexible PST migration

Web Integration

Kopano WebApp is the web based collaboration client with a feature set that exceeds that of other web based mail client.

Kopano WebApp highlights would include:

  • Enterprise features with a familiar interface
  • Lower TCO due to less IT administration
  • Effective communication with filtering email threads to a preferred communication channel
  • Shared folders and calendar overlay support
  • Fast user interface
  • Plug-ins for web chat and web meetings


ZCF and an architecture based on MAPI compliance from the outset make it the only scaleable soution available and a direct replacement for Microsoft Exchange.There are various editions of  Kopano - Community, Small Business, Professional and Enterprise - thereby demonstrating it's true scalability.

  Community Small
 Professional  Enterprise
Outlook support 3 users
ActiveSync compatibility Z-Push
IMAP/POP3 gateway
iCal/CalDAV gateway
Advanced multi-user calendar  
Brick-level backup    
Active Directory toolkit  
Support Blackberry Enterprise Server    
Auto-deployment tools    
High-Availability support    
Support for ZCP Archiving    
Multi-server support      


M:Tier’s professionally trained team can provide the following services:

  • installation
  • configuration
  • deployment and training

Kopano Logo


Kopano is a unique groupware offering which breaks new ground in this area. Kopano groupware provides the gateway to open, compatible and enterprise collaboration.

The open source implementation is widely regarded as the only real replacement for Microsoft Exchange and offers a comparable feature set. It is the only ground-up and scalable MAPI compliant groupware solution available today.

True to the core values of open source software, Kopano total cost of ownership (TCO) are significantly lower (up to 50%) than the costs of equivalent proprietary products.

Kopano design principles are based on the Kopano Collaboration Platform (ZCP) and licenced under the Affero GPLv3 licence.